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Press Release – New Scheme

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]QualitySolicitors Lockings are proud to launch a new scheme aimed at guiding women in the region through divorce.

The scheme is a part of the business development programme that QualitySolicitors Lockings have been undertaking for the last seven months since joining the exciting new QualitySolicitors Lockings national identity, which includes firms of solicitors, across the UK that were found to deliver a service where customer care comes first.

Jane Moore and Paul Kirby, two of the partners from QualitySolicitors Lockings saw a gap in the market for law services aimed at women.

Jane Moore, family solicitor from QualitySolicitors Lockings says: “Our research has shown that the husband will often approach the larger law firms in our area as they sometimes have corporate connections. However, our family team is made up mostly women, giving us the female advantage. Whilst we act for either party, we are especially well equipped to deal with the wife’s side of the divorce.”

“Many couples tell their solicitor in January that they just can’t face another year like the last, having mulled over the past year, during what is supposed to be a celebration. Christmas puts a huge pressure on relationships and if a couple has really come to the end of their tether, it can be excruciating.”

“It might be considered gloomy to be discussing divorce throughout the Christmas break but the facts remain, January is our busiest time with enquiries increasing as soon as the break is over. Splitting couples should not feel that they are alone, there is help at hand and there is usually a fair solution for everyone concerned.”

“The Christmas period is known to blow feelings out of all proportion. We understand this and work with our clients to explain the consequences of their actions, taking into consideration the finances, hidden wealth, arrangements for children and any injunctions.”

QualitySolicitors Lockings has a legal aid contract for their family department, although cuts to the UK economy are likely to affect the availability of legal aid this year. The exception to this will be cases involving domestic violence.

QualitySolicitors Lockings’ family department is made up of Jane Moore, Jessica Hurst, Emma Mullett, Debbie Gibbons in Hull and Paul Kirby who is based in Wednesday Market in Beverley. The team specialise in dealing with divorce and all aspects of family work.

For more information about relationship breakdown, please visit www.qualitysolicitors.com/lockings or call the office on 01482 300500 or 300200.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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